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 2021-22 Standardized Testing Results 

Striving to honor and glorify God through the pursuit of academic excellence, HOPE Christian Academy provides standardized testing to all students in grades 2 through 8 each year.  The purpose of standardized testing is to evaluate the individual progress of each student and also provides information concerning class performance, which assists us with decisions regarding curriculum and staff development.  In an effort to meet the recommended standard for testing, our school changed from the Stanford 10 to the Terra Nova Third Edition in 2011.



 Achievement test scores are not grades, but indicate how students ranked when compared to students nationally. 

HOPE Christian Academy students perform well above average, and percentile scores from all grade levels are consistently in the upper range, comparing favorably to test scores of other private schools in the area and the Chandler school district. **Please note that Terra Nova test scores cannot be directly compared to the Stanford 10 test scores which are often posted on school websites.

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