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HOPE Christian Academy welcomes students from any race, color, national or ethnic origin; our students come from a variety of educational backgrounds and experiences. Families who have home schooled or utilized an online school option find HOPE Christian Academy a very natural complement to their lifestyle.  On the other end of the spectrum, families transitioning out of a standard five day setting, find our school to be an extremely comfortable and easy adjustment. 

HOPE Christian Academy is truly a partnered educational model.  As such, admission at HOPE Christian Academy requires a meeting with the administrator in part to determine that the educational model, selected curriculum, additional remote learning components, parent volunteer obligation, and participation in the school’s educational and community driven activities correspond with the expectations of the incoming family. 

New Family Enrollment Policy:

  • Initial Meeting/Tour:  Interested families call to schedule a tour with a mentor parent and a meeting with the HCA administrator with at least one parent/guardian with or without the prospective student(s). Other family members are welcome to attend as well.  A tour/meeting is required before an application can be submitted. Tours for application in the following school year are not scheduled until after Fall Break in mid October.  Applications may submitted at, or after, the initial meeting and tour.

  • Student Meeting:  The administrator is provided an opportunity to meet prospective student(s). This step can be completed with the initial scheduled meeting and tour or on a separate scheduled occasion, but must be completed prior to the submission of an application.

  • Admissions Packet Submitted:   Parents submit a completed Admissions Packet, which includes the Request for Admission, Tuition Agreement, and two Personal Reference Forms. For students applying for grades 1-8, a recent report card or standardized test results should be submitted with the admissions packet.  If these are unavailable, grade specific assessments will be required.  At the discretion of HCA, incoming kindergartners may need to be assessed for kindergarten readiness.   A $50 assessment fee per student will be required at the time of testing.

  • Admissions Packet Review:  Admissions Packet Review:  Admissions packets are reviewed and considered in the order they are received. For tours conducted prior to December, the administrator will contact the family after current families have submitted their re-enrollment intent; no later than December 17th.  For tours conducted for current school year enrollment and those conducted in the spring for the following school year, the administrator will contact the family after the Admissions Committee's two week review period.

  • Family & Student Interview: After the application is received you will be contacted to set up an interview appointment.

  •  Enrollment Acceptance: After the HCA Admissions committee has reviewed and accepted the application, the family will be notified of acceptance.  A non-refundable fee of $250 per student ($750/family cap) is due within two weeks of notification.   New students will be considered officially enrolled once the enrollment fee has been paid. 


    *Admission requirement note:  Students must be at least 5 years old by September 1st of their Kindergarten year.

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