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What are people saying about us?

"Our family has been at HOPE for 4 years, we started with our oldest in Kinder! I can honestly say I wouldn't have them anywhere else! HOPE has been an answer to prayer for us. We love that our kiddos get to be in a classroom learning with a teacher not only things like math and reading but also about the heart of God! Then, our Remote Learning days are such a treat because we get a good pulse on what they are learning and how they are growing not to mention all of that special family time! HOPE has been a gift for us! It feels like home to us, it's our family it's where our heart is! My kids are beyond thankful for their school and that is something rare!"

-The Shipmans 

"We moved from a charter school to HOPE and are extremely happy with the classroom/remote learning model that HOPE provides.  It gives me an opportunity to guide, mentor, and encourage our children at home while still giving them the “experience” of both outside teachers and their peers in a more traditional classroom setting.  Each of the teachers, administrator, and board members at HOPE care deeply about not only our children’s educational success, but their hearts, character, and spiritual formation as well.  The other families at HOPE have been kind, supportive, and share the same biblical values of focusing on the heart and not just on the outward conformity that many schools lean towards.  

Academically, I love the curriculum which focuses on high-quality literature, an incredible writing program that works for all types of learners, strong, basic math that has stood the test of time, systematic, solid history, science modules that are useful for everyday life, and grammar that dovetails right into the writing program.  Having been exposed to multiple types of curriculum in our children’s 9 years of various schooling, HOPE’s is far and away the strongest of any of them.  I feel confident that our 8th grader is ready to launch into high school, fully prepared for any public or private school setting that comes next.  It’s been a great privilege to have had a hand in educating our children the past three years.  Challenging at times?  Yes, but completely worth it."

-Karen Steketee


"The strong/parent teacher bond produced by this model provides students with a prep academy level education; academic excellence is reflected in the school's competitive test scores year after year.  The teachers are exceptional professionals who provide Godly role models whose lives are strong in character and personal discipline.  Each teacher donates countless hours above and beyond to prepare their students academically and spiritually.  

The older students provide daily positive peer influence, and  HCA has implemented a buddy program that pairs older students with younger to promote literacy.  The school has been described as a "utopia" due to the strong bonds of the school community, and high parental involvement and volunteerism among families contributes to the optimism and faith we have in our school community as being exceptionally unique."

 - Current HCA Parent

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