HOPE Christian Academy uses a variety of curriculum including, but not limited to, Saxon Math, Shurley English, Rebecca Sitton Spelling, Institute for Excellence in Writing, A-Beka History, Positive Action for Christ for Bible class,ACSI Purposeful Design,  Delta Science Modules, Mc-Graw-Hill Reading (Grades 1st - 3rd), and various literature books for reading, vocabulary and spelling.

Teachers at HCA believe that most subjects can be enriched with various hands on methods and the use of manipulatives, visual aids, and "out of the box" teaching techniques.  Every effort is made to make class time stimulating and interesting. Small class sizes assist in this effort, and students are encouraged to appropriately participate in class discussions, demonstrations, and learning exercises.

All subjects are taught from a Biblical world view.  Time is set aside in each classroom for daily prayer and scripture reading.  Students memorize scripture verses and are lead in weekly Chapel services that include worship time and special speakers.

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Kindergarten - 1st Grade - 2nd Grade - 3rd Grade 4th grade - 5th Grade - 6th Grade - 7th Grade - 8th Grade 

Academic Enrichment Classes include, but are not limited to, Spanish (Grades 1st-8th)   Music (Grades K - 8th) and  P.E. (K- 8th)

Saxon Math is a teaching method for incremental learning of mathematics. It involves teaching a new mathematical concept every day and constantly reviewing old concepts. Its primary strength is in a steady review of all previous material, which is especially important to students who struggle with retaining the math they previously learned. Its incremental (little by little) approach to math, introducing a new skill or principle each day, then reviewing these concepts and skills day after day for weeks helps build students' confidence in their ability to "do" math successfully. Students who have used this program receive consistently high scores on standardized math tests.

A Beka presents history, government, and economics based on the foundational truths of the Scriptures.

"A Christian perspective is the thread that connects the past with the present, teaching from this Biblical point of view provides students with a deeper understanding of our nation’s history."


A Beka Book history texts are organized for teachers and practical for
students. Time lines, comprehension
checks, and chapter reviews support
the narrative-style writing. Vocabulary
development, review, and reinforcement
are only a few of the practical
features of our texts.

A strong grammatical base, step-by-step instructions, integrated grammar & writing, and fun exercises are hallmarks of Shurley English! The grammatical foundation gives students the skills to improve their writing through successfully expanding sentences into paragraphs, essays, and reports. A blend of tradition and innovation, Shurley English has been designed to meet students' English needs by using principles of learning, motivation, retention, transfer, and reinforcement.  Appealing to all styles of learners, students will practice old and new skills, developing a mastery of English in reading, writing and thinking skills.

ACSI Purposeful Design in used for our Science curriculum in 2nd through 4th grades.

Delta Science Modules are comprehensive science kits for grades 5-8. 

Students investigate key science topics through  a powerful combination of hands-on activities and reading. The modular series design allows us to select content to tailor our science program to meet students' needs and state standards.  Covering life, earth, and physical science concepts, the activities engage students in inquiry-based learning.

The 5th-8th grade science classrooms also use supplemental materials from  Answers in Genesis, which is an apologetics ministry dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith.

Rebecca Sitton Spelling is designed to assist students with learning to correctly spell and understand common use words, homonyms, and frequently misspelled words in the English language.


Many parents think that good readers will naturally become good writers. Others think that writing talent is just that—a natural ability — some have it, others don’t. Both are myths. History and modern research show very clearly how good writers develop, and demonstrate the two most critical things needed for a high level of aptitude in writing. With humor and insight, Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) presents easy but unbelievably powerful methods that build language patterns and nurture competent communicators among all ages.

 From "Learning About God", the curriculum emphasis in Kindergarten, through "Finding God's Promises" in 2nd grade, and  "Building Life Castles" in 4th grade, to "Walking in Their Sandals" in 7th grade....

Positive Action Bible curriculum offers students a grade level appropriate study of the Bible.  Each lesson provides activity ideas to stimulate discussion, and help students comprehend and apply Bible truths. 

"Positive Action for Christ seeks to supply Bible study materials that teach the heart as well as the head.  Because knowledge alone cannot change a child, we strive to equip teachers to magnify God before their students."

                         - Positive Action for Christ